Burn After Reading: Snapchat, Facebook Poke and the next self-destructing message service

Edited screengrab of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” via Zvents

Snapchat, the self-destructing photo and video messaging mobile app, has become the latest startup to go white hot.

Not only have users and the media latched onto Snapchat (50 million snaps shared a day), but Facebook may have further aided Snapchat’s rise, giving it a ton more name recognition by launching its own self-destructing messaging app under the name Facebook Poke, which hasn’t been nearly as well-received.

But Facebook Poke does have one thing that Snapchat does not: The ability to send text-only self-destructing messages.

While this is not likely to be of much consequence to Snapchat’s primary userbase, who clearly value the service as it is, with the focus entirely on...

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