Going Above and Beyond Doesn’t Help You


In which I cite and then riff on an Atlantic article about a new study showing that people prefer us to meet expectations, rather than go above and beyond them.

Not winter yet, thankfully, but this song is dope nonetheless.


Winter is here. As the snow falls and icicles form we need to keep a fire in our hearts. We pack into cozy bars to get warm and dance by the firelight to remember we’re alive. In “The Fire” Savoir Adore’s forest fantasy pop blends with French Horn Rebellion’s hot dancefloor beats. The two bands, related by marriage for the last few years, have finally collaborated to keep you warm all season long. Make like David of FHR and Deidre of Savoir Adore and cuddle up under the disco ball, dancing the night away.

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Lyrics -

Hey, fight for a rainy day
Never even stays the same
There’s fire in our hearts today

Verse 1:
Is it beautiful, if it’s made of snow?
Is it paradise, if all you feel is ice?
I see a light in you, it’s like a crystal blue
and when you hold my hand, I feel the spark again
I put a fire in your heart, it puts a fire in my heart
there’s fire in our hearts, there’s fire in our hearts

Verse 2:
Let’s take a ride and get our body’s high.
Just a little light will make you feel alright
Let’s make a truce, on the sun lit dew
And when you hold my hand, I feel the spark again.
I put a fire in your heart, it puts a fire in my heart
there’s fire in our hearts, there’s fire in our hearts


Savoir Adore -

French Horn Rebellion -

© French Horn Rebellion / ℗ Imagem Music, Shapriro Bernstein & Co., Inc. / Performed, Written by FHR and Savoir Adore / Mixing: David P-M at YouTooCanWoo / Mastering: Alex DeTurc at Masterdisk / Artwork: Robert P-M

Reasonably Sound


Mike Rugnetta, of PBS’s Idea Channel, has started a podcast about sound and It. Is. Awesome. His description says he’ll “provide context, explanation, and a little celebration of the complexities and awesomeness of audio, and the various cultures which surround and have grown around it. Not just for audiophiles, Reasonably Sound will be your guide to the world of sound.”

Go treat your ears and listen to the first couple episodes. The first episode is about the ear and our bodily relationship with sound and I was riveted listening to the entire thing. I never really stopped to think: What exactly is the ear?? Mike takes a few minutes to explore it (and much more) and he really blew my mind.

I had one dream that was very vivid. We were driving the rover up to the north, you didn’t feel like you were out there. It was untouched, the serenity of it had a pristine purity about it. We crossed a hill, I felt ‘gosh, we’ve been here before’. There was a set of tracks in front of us, we asked Houston if we could follow the tracks and they said ‘yes’. So we turned and followed the tracks. It went on for about an hour or so and we found this vehicle, it looked just like the rover with two people in it and they looked just like me and John. They’d been there for thousands of years.

‘We really want to create a product you won’t find anywhere else in Brooklyn, or most of the city for that matter,’ Mr. Kushner* said during a recent tour of what has been nicknamed Dumbo Heights. ‘This is really Class-A space — the dark fiber, the new elevators, the restaurants and roof decks — inside the classic industrial spaces these firms love.’

Developers and geeks are spearheading gentrification of area once controlled by Jehovah’s Witnesses. via The New York Times.

*Jared Kushner is also owner of NY Observer and Donald Trump’s son-in-law btw. 


The Verge’s Back To School Guide 2014
Going back to school isn’t what it used to be. It’s actually way, way better. Gone are the days of book-laden backpacks, anemic campus coffee, and laptops that take longer to boot up than it takes for you to roll out of bed. This is the future, kids. And if you want to be a student of the future, you need to be smarter, faster, and more aggressively caffeinated than ever before. Not sure how? That’s where The Verge’s Back to School Guide comes in: we’re here to arm you with the tools — from gadgets and apps to coffeemakers and notebooks — that we’ve ranked first-in-class for the pupil of tomorrow. And by tomorrow, we seriously mean like, tomorrow. Didn’t you check your school calendar?

A wine glass full of selfies. Exactly what you need for school in fall of 2014.